Element Fire: Element50 and Element100
Fire Fight Products: SS30 Clean Agent Gas and SS20 Foam
Industrial Lock and Hardware: Replacement locks for CH751 compartment locks
GasStop: Automatic propane shutoff valves
Dinosaur Electronics: Replacement circuit boards for most popular RV refrigerators, furnaces, generators and water heaters

Safety / Security

RV Solar & Safety has selected proven, state of the art fire suppression, high security replacement compartment locks, automatic propane shutoff valves, and a full line of replacement circuit boards for generators, refrigerators, furnaces and water heaters.

Fire Safety:

Fire safety is always an important topic when thinking about keeping your RV and family safe.  Two innovative fire extinguishers that will help keep you safe are the Element 50 and the Fire Fight SS30.

Fire extinguishers have not changed much in the past 100 years. A large, heavy cylinder of compressed gas filled with a messy powder is an antiquated way to put out a fire.  Element uses a tested and proven technology, created for the space program, that fights fires on the molecular level. By chemically interrupting the chain of combustion, Element safely and effectively puts out fires without the mess, toxicity, or danger associated with a traditional extinguisher.

The Fire Fight:

The Fire Fight SS30 “Auto deploy” supplemental fire suppression systems are on duty 24/7 in whatever compartment (refrigerator or generator) you mount them in. They continually monitor ambient temperature in the compartment using a simple, reliable and effective heat sensitive sprinkler head, the same as the ones used in commercial fire suppression systems. When the heat in the compartment builds to the predetermined release temperature (usually 286 deg in motor compartments or 155 deg. F. for enclosed compartments) the systems spring into action deploying the clean gas agent of their nitrogen pressurized container into your compartment, effectively squelching the fire, and while the concentration of the clean agent gas stays above 5% by volume, the fire cannot reignite.


What is a CH751? It is a very popular key for ¾” outside storage door locks used on most class A, B and C recreational vehicles including but not limited to: diesel pushers, campervans, motorhomes, truck campers, popup campers, travel trailers, hybrid trailers, fifth-wheels, and toy haulers.  It is estimated that roughly 75% of the recreational vehicles out there share this same key and lock system. But why would manufacturers do this? Simply put, to cut down costs. It is easier to deal with one key than it is to deal with hundreds if not thousands of different keys, it would create a logistical nightmare.  The Industrial Lock & Hardware replacement locks provide higher security than the ch751 locks, the disc tumbler cam locks are built with high quality materials that are assembled by hand with up to 10,000 key codes possible.  Each customer gets a unique code assigned to all the locks you order.

Dinosaur Electronics:

Dinosaur Electronics is dedicated to making the highest quality RV replacement circuit boards available today. The founders of Dinosaur Electronics have been in the electronics industry since the late 50’s and early 60’s. Somewhere around 1990 they started in the RV circuit board industry by repairing boards for a distributor. In 1993 they started designing and manufacturing high reliability replacement circuit boards for furnaces, water heaters, refrigerators and generators.  Today Dinosaur Electronics make 46 different kinds of replacement circuit boards and 15 different testers.